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We’d like to take this chance to thank you for what has been an incredible and worthwhile journey. Started with the intention to create a simple and tangible online giving tool, we find ourselves in a place where we have helped thousands of donors send hundred of nonprofits nearly $100,000 worth of tangible goods. We appreciate everyone who has walked with us down this path, supported a new idea, and found themselves valuing our country’s admirable charitable causes.

After two years, we have learned a great deal about business, nonprofits, and the world of tech startups. However, our learning has also informed us that it is time for us to shut down GivingSomeThing due to consistent technical hurdles, limited virility, and unsustainable financial forecasts. As a result, GivingSomeThing will be cease public functioning on March 11 2014.

An archive of The Nonprofit Dashboard will remain open ( until May 1, 2014 such that nonprofit partners can download available data.

We appreciate your support of GivingSomeThing and our nonprofit partners.

To Give is To Receive,

Dave and Mike
Co-Founders, GivingSomeThing